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January 6th, 2009

ordinaryanomaly: (Default)
Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 09:50 pm

So, three things that made this day wonderful:

1. Harry Smith. I came to full wakefullness real fast this morning when realized I wasn't dreaming about Harry Smith attacking Ann Coulter--it was really happening! That guy was so much scathing!win in this interview. I seriously hate that bitch. I was yelling "Get her!" at the screen the entire time. And guess what? He totally got her. Even if no one technically won the argument, she was obviously flustered. Good. She's about on par with Michelle Malkin for me, who I firmly believe to be some close relation to the Anti-Christ.

2. Scrubs played "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" the last few minutes of the new episode. This is one of my favorite songs ever, thus it is worth mentioning. I may have to reconsider my stubborn refusal to watch the new season, if they're going to play stuff like that. (I've always been a sucker for Scrubs music anyway, though. Zach Braff--who apparently has quite a bit of say in the picking of said music--has fairly good taste, imo)

3. Lucinda. She was just...god, she so totally stole the show in my humble opinion. Her dignity was brought a lump to my throat. Elizabeth Hubbard is one of the greatest actresses on daytime television, and I'm so glad that she's been given a storyline that actually expresses her talent to the max. Her lack of histrionics in this circumstance was infinitely more effective than the alternative, and simply serves to illustrate what a cool customer she is. I LOVE YOU LUCINDA!