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March 15th, 2009

ordinaryanomaly: (luke losing it)
Sunday, March 15th, 2009 03:49 am
This is why I stopped watching "That 70's Show" after the stupidness of season 7 finale. A billion years (or two, or whatever) later I suddenly get an itch to find out what happened and I get the absolute horseshit I knew it would be. JACKIE AND FEZ? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? No they aren't kidding me and now I want to hit something. It Is So Stupid.

I was (am still, goddammit!) a Zenshipper all the way. Jackie and Hyde were my supercouple--OTP--whatever you want to call it. They had so much fucking chemistry! So much snark! So much alksjdlkfkdjlkjflk sexiness! And fuck the naysayers (Hyde included), SO. MUCH. LOVE. Their sweet moments made me melt and squeal simultaneously SO OMG HARD!!!! They had a surprisingly large number of sweet moments, yo.

I don't know why this pains me so much. I catch reruns once in a while on night owl-Fox, but I haven't been into it for a while. I never planned to get (back?) into the fandom, as I prefer slash and/or outright gay fandoms pretty exclusively nowadays. But now I crave Future!fic. Hyde/Jackie future!fic (doi). Fic which I have little confidence I'll actually find, but hope springs eternal y/n?

I just...*helpless hand fluttering* why would they do that? Jackie/Hyde was the best thing about that show, imo. Why would they just rip it away like that? And not even give the audience a hint that reconciliation was a possibility at the end? WHY?!?! (What I really mean is "Jackie/Fez? Really? Really really?" That was low TPTB. Lower than pond scum. Lower than hell. And I hope that's where you all rot forever and ever.)

So, I suppose I'll just have to go bury my head in some conveniently available sand and forget all that I've learned tonight. Or just pretend that none of the ridiculousness exists, and remember the good (really good. great even) times.

Fuck it, I'm off to watch fanvids on Youtube. (Of which there are also a surpisingly large number. Who knew?)