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March 29th, 2009

ordinaryanomaly: (Adam beckoning)
Sunday, March 29th, 2009 08:16 pm

Whatever, it's belated, I know.

Okay, so, like I have never ever been interested in RPF because, usually, I don't find actual people very fascinating. I could make an exception for Adam I think. Too bad there aren't really any others I'd be tempted to slash him with this season of Idol.

So here's the deal. I said here that I didn't really like his "country" (*snort*) performance on the 17th or whatever. The thing is, I listened to it again this weekend--the studio version--and...whoa. How did that even happen (*that I didn't like it)? No, you know what? I know exactly how it happened. I confused "being overwhelmed by" with "disliking." That had to be it. It wasn't even that I disliked it, really. I thought what he did with the song was kind of cool. My knee-jerk personal reaction to RoF had absolutely nothing to do with the supposed "desecration" of Johnny Cash (which I call bullshit on--tell you why in a minute) and everything to do with feeling a little like I'd just had a close encounter with a panther, and while I may not have had any visible signs of mauling, neither had I escaped completely unscathed. It was exhilarating, breathtaking, and I was completely terrified of the way it made me feel. Like I said, I got my hands on the studio version, and liked the song immediately. And later, I went back and watched the performance, and since I was prepared for it, I liked that too. (Whew, so much hotness. He is pure sex on that stage.)

I'm going to sort of take back what I said about Adam's version being a "big, cunty fuck you to the country music industry." I do think it was partly that, but I also think it was maybe even a tribute to the Man in Black at the same time. Johnny Cash was all about crossbreeding genres and coming up with with completely fucked-but-also-wonderful songs, or versions of songs. Many, many people have said something like this, and once they did, it sort of rang true with me. I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite Adam-performance, but Ring of Fire is definitely way up there. 

Now, I'd like to discuss, for a moment, "Tracks of My Tears" from last week. First, his clothes. Some people have said that they think he sold out by "toning it down" with which I disagree completely. He wore a shiny grey suit with a pompadour--that is not anywhere near "toned down" it's just a different kind of "really, really Adam". I even had sort of an argument with someone I have nothing to do with anymore about the pompadour--I loved it, she hated it. Okay, so, why did I love it? 1.) He pulled it off, more than anyone I've ever met and still retained his sexy and 2.) Because he's such a performer, and he has a very shrewd eye for style, and this was a very different kind of song than he's been singing, he had to do something different. His style for this performance was period. That was "The Look" in the '50s and '60s. And this endears it to me ever so much. Not only did Adam respect the song and Smokey by singing it so well, but he honored it by looking the fucking part, man.

Okay, so the actual song. God, it took my breath away, and it still does. (I downloaded the video as well as the studio version off of Itunes: best $2.48 I've ever spent) I was mesmerized the entire time by that ridiculously amazing voice. I got chills at least four times during those really, really high notes. At the end of the song I teared up. That kid has to have been touched by the divine, because I hear an angel every time he opens his obscenely talented mouth. (It's not trite if it's true so ;P) And at the end of the performance, you will notice, after he shakes the hands of the band-members, he looks over at Smokey before he even gives the judges one iota of attention, and mouths "Thank You." I melted so freaking hard and then a couple tears actually escaped, but they were happy tears of righteous love for this sweet, sweet boy. And then there was Kara making too much of herself, as always, and failing to count; then Paula being mostly comprehensible, as if Adam's fantasticness somehow broke through the painkillers; and then Simon stumbling all over himself to praise the kid with that oh-so-silly index finger to thumb thing; and Randy good-naturedly sticking his foot in his mouth and not saying "dawg" once; and Adam being SO FREAKING CUTE and aw-shucksey through it all; and then Ryan Seacrest being all "Well, I guess you win." (Which, by the way, I took sort of badly at first, thinking Ryan was being sort of douchey to him, but someone has made me see the light, and I now realize that Ryan Seacrest is just too adorkably stupid to ever do anything like that on purpose. So he is forgiven.)

Wow, that was long and took forever to write, but I feel good about it. Like I've finally accomplished something. The End. (Until April 1st, that is.)