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Sunday, June 7th, 2009 12:04 pm

Looking at my journal you'd never know I was a deeply sensitive soul who tends to spend hours in heartfelt introspection....

Sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face any longer XD

Anyway, my point or whatever is that I don't really ever say much of consequence on this journal. I hardly ever talk about me or even real things. It's mostly fandom. Which is fine. It will probably continue to be that way, but I did want to take one entry to make about me and things I'm interested in outside of fandom. So, here we go.

I'm a music whore. I love it all; every type, genre, or whatever. However, I am a discerning music whore. I don't go downloading things willy nilly just because. A song has to resonate with me before I'll even consider actually owning it. It has to speak to me. Um, I don't like the Beatles and every time I say that people look at me like I've just thrown an infant off a balcony, but all of their songs are so  boring to me. Not one of them resonates, except possibly "Come Together." I do, however, adore John Lennon.

Movies aren't really my media of choice. I mean, I like them alright and sometimes there are movies that I really want to see, but it's rare that I find a movie that I'd ever want to see again. Usually, I'd rather get on the computer, read a book, or watch television rather than watch a movie.

I love MMORPG's more than any girl I know except maybe Tab. But she only likes one. I like several. Dofus is probably my favorite;  I like Flyff because, hello!, flying; WoW is pretty and fascinating even though I've never played it; Rappelz is GORGEOUS; Wakfu is brilliant, etc, etc.

I am, like, the antithesis of "ambitious." At least where "doing something with my life" is concerned. I figure, why spend half my life in school? I'm never going to have a family, so I really only need enough money to support myself. My bachelors is plenty for me--graduate school can bite me.

Well, there're a few things about me that don't have anything to do with fandom.


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