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Sunday, June 7th, 2009 05:41 pm
So, really, I was done with HP long before the 7th book came out. But, as happens with me, I'm circling back around and flirting with the fandom again. And I realize that I've never really given my two cents about anything related to Harry Potter. So here we go. What I hope to be a series of my own opinions regarding the books, beginning with The Malfoys.

Do you know what immediately comes to mind whenever I think of the Malfoys? It's not that they're bad or evil. It's not that they're Slytherin. It's not their looks.

It's love.

Whenever I think of the Malfoys I think of love. They love each other savagely and all-encompassingly and selfishly--to hell with anyone else. This was my most clear impression throughout the sixth and seventh books. They would and have done anything for each other.

Even with the unfair way Rowling treated Slytherins in general, (more on that tomorrow) I'm glad she didn't completely shit all over the Malfoys and left that aspect of their characters alone.