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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 02:51 am

Okay, so I fully believe that the creators of fanfiction archives should be able to say what types of fics are allowed in them. If they only want slash fanfiction, okay that's fine, and if they only want het that's fine too. I actually prefer my fic archives to be segregated in this way.

But don't disrespect by being all "No slash here because I don't enjoy reading stories that aren't canon/where the characters aren't in character."

Bitch, what?

Okay, for one: Shawn Spencer is like the most metrosexual television character in the history of ever. So metrosexual, as a matter of fact, that my grandmother asked if he was supposed to be gay (Er, "queer" was her exact wording if you wanna get technical).

For two: fuck canon. Every single fucking time you start typing out a fanfiction you're taking the characters out of themselves. Fanfiction is not canon, hence the name. Every single little thing you make up in your fic is diverging from canon so don't go acting all superior just because your fucking up of canon doesn't involve homosexuality. Putting a girl with a guy in a fic when they aren't together in canon is slashing too, you know.

I don't object to what this fanfiction archivist is doing, but I do disagree with her reason for doing it, and that's just as bad--maybe worse. I don't read fic on that site because everytime I get directed there I become a little nauseous. It feels like I'm betraying myself if I even entertain the thought of reading one of the fics archived there, which is a real shame because apparently there's some stellar genfic there that isn't archived anywhere else. I don't have very many principles, but I stick to the ones I do have.

I'm just saying.



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