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Friday, August 28th, 2009 09:44 pm

The writing and dialogue in ATWT makes me wince and facepalm so much nowadays that not even Van and Jake can salvage it. So for now I'm on least until someone on that writing team gets fired.

I finally watched CoE, and yes I still want RTD to DIAF. (Is my bitterness showing? It is? Oh, just let me tuck that back in...) and yes, I still want RTD to get bent. (Sorry, that's as tucked in as it gets.)

I saw the episode of NCIS today titled Twilight wherein Kate Todd dies. Then I watched it again and do you know how many times she references herself dying in that episode? About six hundred thousand.

Also SWAK was on today and I squealed and flailed in a very undignified manner throughout, oh, three quarters of it total. YOU DO NOT FOOL ME GIBBS. YOUR OBVIOUS PANIC AND DESPERATION IS OBVIOUS. REDUNDANT BUT IT NEEDED SAID TWICE.

Ducky: All the blood tests came back negative, except--

Gibbs: (resigned panic) Tony. (Because of course it'd be Tony)

Ducky: (nod) Yeah

Gibbs: (flailing out of his biohazard suit) Get it off me! (to ducky in terrified hope) He sick yet? (

Ducky: Well, not outwardly (Gibbs practically deflates with relief) But the doctor says his temperature's elevating. The Y Pestis is attacking his pulmonary system. (Gibbs is already on the move)


Dr. Pandy: (being held at gunpoint by an irrational, desperate Gibbs) Antibiotic resistant diseases are potential terrorist weapons.

Gibbs: Terrorists aren't killing my agent, you are! (Jabs gun threateningly)

Dr. Pandy: I understand your anger.

Gibbs: No, you don't. But if you don't save him you will.

Dr. Pandy: (increasingly agitated) I-it has a suicide chain that stops it from replicating after 32 hours. A-as a security precaution.

Gibbs: (with a terrible sort of uncertain hope) It dies?

Dr. Pandy: (sensing salvation) Yes.

Gibbs: (clarifying) It's dead now?

Dr. Pandy: If it's over 32 hours since the specimen has been infected all the Y Pestis is dead.

Gibbs: (lowers gun in papable relief)

Dr. Pandy: (girding his loins, because he knows this is a bad idea) However...(still girding) the damage will have been done.

Gibbs: (raises gun again, and OMG you have no idea just how much you can hear the impotent rage and helplessness and panic in his voice) The specimen is going to die?!

Dr. Pandy: No, not necessarily! He has the same chance of survival as those infected in plagues of the past, probably better since he will be healthy and young (he's totally grasping for straws)

Gibbs: What was the survival rate of the past?

Dr. Pandy: (totally does not want to divulge that information) People were weakened by depleted crops, uh, bad nutrition (his voice totally broke on "nutrition")--

Gibbs: (interrupting loudly) DAMMIT, what was the survival rate?

Dr. Pandy: (takes a few shuddering breaths) Fifteen Percent

And oh god, words just cannot express the look of horror on Gibbs face at this information.


Whoa, this totally wasn't supposed to turn into an impromptu script writing session. Maybe I missed my calling?

ETA: While I'm on the subject of NCIS, I have a question for anybody who watches: Who do you like better, Kate or Ziva? Personally I liked Kate better, though I do find Ziva funny and she has her moments of total adorableness.


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