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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 03:58 pm

So I just had a very WTF making conversation with a friend and I had to share it. (May be slightly paraphrased for dramatic value.)

Me: So, I've been watching clips and fanvids of Dean and Castiel on YouTube. Dude, they're totally in love.

Friend: WHAT?! There's no way an angel could fall for a human. He doesn't experience emotions like that. Also, blasphemy.

Me: Whatever. Uriel told Dean that Castiel likes him, and he totally meant like likes him.

Friend: Do not throw Hey Arnold references at me bitch. I just don't see it. I don't think even Supernatural would go so far as having an Angel of the Lord do the nasty with a human.

Me: But, but! Castiel saved Dean from Hell. What about all the long soulful looks? What about, about confessions and Dean crying in front of him and the tire iron with Alistair? What about how Castiel believes in Dean, in a way no else ever has? WHAT THE FUCK ABOUT HOW CASTIEL FORSOOK HEAVEN FOR DEAN? HUH? HUH?

Friend: ...

Me: Um.

Friend: You're a bitch, you know that right?

Me: Well...

Friend: (very reasonably. kind of) How can Dean be fucking Castiel, when he's obviously fucking Sam?

Me: *facepalm* So, you have a problem with an Angel fucking a human, but not brothers fucking each other?

Friend: Well, no, not really, I'm just a hardcore Sam/Dean fanbitch.

Me: *still facepalming* What is my life?

Friend: *wails* And now you've put all these stupid Dean/Castiel ideas in my head and I hate you.

Me: I hate you more.


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