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ordinaryanomaly: (luke losing it)
Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 10:06 pm

Okay, here we go.

I live in rural, bumfuck Kentucky. No matter what people might think, this does not automatically connote rotted teeth, hillbillies, or, especially, complacency. Yeah, it's boredom city here, but people are always finding things to do. Kids, especially, find things to do, and these things are often Trouble with a totally intentional capital T. The most worrisome and prevalent of these troublemakings is fighting. Some kid talks to a "taken" girl, her boyfriend talks shit, it gets back to the shitee, who ends up wanting to fight the shitter, which was the shitter's intention the whole time. There's also joyriding, soirees in the woods complete with underage drinking, drug dealing, and accidental burns. If they want legal fun, they have to drive 30 to 45 minutes, and even then it's a choice between bowling alley and movie theatre. Yeah, for serious. Anything else is a lot farther away, and simply not economically feasible on a regular basis. So.

I want to open a 21 and under nightclub. Yeah. NEK. I want to give these kids something to do, somewhere to go that doesn't have to involve alcohol, or fighting, or fucking up. I want to offer them options and choices. It could be the place they go to unwind, or simply to have fun without parents looking over their shoulder. (I will, of course, be looking over their shoulders instead xD) We live in a dry county, so even if I wanted to open an adult nightclub (which I emphatically don't) I couldn't.

I just...I want so much for these kids to stop fucking up. Fucking up their lives, fucking up their parents' life expectancies by worrying and stressing them, and fucking up the community because their ideas of fun come at a pretty hefty price to it. I want to give them something else, something better. I think this could do it. It could be a way for them to act like the adults they want to be right now without sacrificing their youth to do it. As for me, this is a job I could do for a lifetime and never be bored.